Help your child create a collage of his/her favorite fruits and vegetables.

What You Need:

• Old supermarket picture ads of vegetables and fruits
• Blank piece of paper
• Blunt, child-size scissors
• White glue or glue stick

What To Do:

1. Look at the supermarket advertisements in the newspaper together.
2. Together with your child, find and name the different vegetables and fruits that you see.
3. Help him cut out the fruit and vegetable pictures.
4. Have your child sort the pictures in different ways, for example; by color or shape; by vegetables or fruits; his likes and dislikes; or by foods that he has tried or not tried yet.
5. Have your child glue his pictures on the paper, making a collage of his favorite fruits and vegetables.
6. Encourage him to bring his collage on your next trip to the grocery store, and together, see if you can find some of the fruits and vegetables that are on his collage.
7. Have him share his special collage with family and friends!

Safety Alert: Adult size scissors are not safe for young preschoolers. Let your child practice cutting with blunt, child-size scissors instead.