Make your own Play Dough.

What You Need:

• Flour, water, and salt
• A plastic measuring cup
• A mixing bowl
• A plastic container with a cover
• A popsicle stick or plastic knife with a smooth edge
• Cookie cutters
• Food coloring (optional)

What To Do:

1. Show your child how to measure the ingredients: two cup flour, one cup water, and one cup salt.
2. Let him help you mix the ingredients together. Add a little more flour if it’s sticky.
3. Help him flatten the play dough.
4. Show your toddlers how to use a popsicle stick or plastic knife for cutting the play dough and plastic cookie cutters for cutting out shapes.
5. As he plays with the play dough, use words to describe what your toddler is doing. For example, “You pinched off a little piece. Look at how your stretched it to make it longer.”
6. Name the shapes that he cuts out. For example, “wow, you cut out a star. Look, it has five points. Let’s count them: one, two, three, four, five.”
7. Add a drop of food coloring to some of the play dough and mix it in. see what happens when one color of dough is mixed with another.
8. When he’s done playing, store the play dough in a covered plastic container.

Safety Alert: The kitchen can be a great place to learn. But before you start your activity, take a few moments to make sure the kitchen is safe. Put away knifes and other sharp or dangerous objects. Rather than playing at a table, get down on the floor where it’s a lot safer and fun!