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Finger plays for you to do with your little one.

What You Need:


What To Do:

1. Show your child how to act out the words of the poem written below.
2. Repeat the words and actions so he can learn them.

I have two eyes to see with. (Touch your eyes.)
I have two feet to run. (Run in place.)
I have two hands to wave with. (Wave both hands.)
But a nose, I have but one. (Touch your nose.)
I have two ears to hear with. (Touch your ears.)
And a tongue to say “hello.” (Point to your tongue.)
And two cheeks for you to pinch. (Gently pinch your cheeks.)
And now it’s time to go. (Run around the room.)

3. If you speak more than one language, use words from a different language to name your child’s body parts.