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Finger plays for you to do with your little one.

What You Need:


What To Do:

1. Show your child how to act out the words of the poems written below. Repeat the words and actions so she can learn them.
2. Sing this finger play to the tune of “Are You Sleeping”:

Where is thumbkin, where is thumbkin? (Hide your hands behind your back.)
Here I am, here I am. (Show your hands one at a time with thumbs up.)
How are you today, sir? (Shake one hand.)
Very well, I thank you. (Shake the other hand.)
Run away, run away. (Put hands behind your back one at a time.)

3. Substitute other fingers for thumbkin with five more verses.

Where is pointer? (Use index finger.)
Where is middle man? (Use middle finger.)
Where is ring man? (Use ring finger.)
Where is pinkie? (Use baby finger.)
Where’s the whole family? (Use whole hand.)