Take your toddler along when you go grocery shopping.

What You Need:


What To Do:

1. Take your toddler along when you go grocery shopping.
2. Ask her to help fill the grocery cart. For example, “We need to buy three sweet potatoes. Can you put the sweet potatoes into the plastic bags?”
3. Help her count them, “One, two, three” and so on.
4. Talk to her about the different colors, textures, and smells. For example, “Look at the red lychee. The lychee has bumpy skin. Can you find other things that are red?”
5. Compare items with your toddlers. For example, “I have two daikon (long white turnip). Which daikon is longer? Which one is shorter?”
6. If there’s a scale, weight some of the fruits and vegetables. Talk about what the numbers on the scale mean. Then, play a guessing game. For example, say “Which do you think is heavier-this papaya or that papaya? Let’s find out!”
7. Look at the words and pictures on boxes and cans. For example, pick up a bottle of halo halo (sweet mixed fruit). Say, “Look, the words halo halo on the bottle tell you what is inside. See the picture of the halo halo?” Your toddler cannot read yet, but when she sees the words and pictures together, she’ll eventually learn words mean something.