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Make following directions fun by using games, music, and dancing.

What You Need:

• Music with a lively beat
• Radio or CD player or a musical instrument such as a tambourine, drum, or homemade instrument

What To Do:

1. Tell your child you are going to play a game with music. Here are the instructions: When the music is playing, he can dance, march to the beat, or jump around. When the music stops, he must stop moving and “freeze” in whatever position he is in.
2. Turn on the music and encourage him to move around. Then turn it off. When he stops, praise him for listening and controlling his actions. For example, “You did a good job of following directions. You stopped dancing when the music stopped.”
3. Have your child create his own music using instruments or materials in your home. For example, he can use a spoon to tap on a plastic bowl or cereal box, while you dance or freeze.

1. Instead of using music, have your child watch you. Tell him that while you have your hands on your lap, he can dance, but when you raise your hand, he must stop and freeze.
2. Show your child how to play “Simon Says.” Explain that when Simon says to do something, he needs to follow the instruction. For example, when you say “Simon says jump up and down,” he should jump until you say “Simon says stop jumping.” Explain that if you do not say “Simon says,” he should not follow the instruction. Take turns being Simon.