Make storytelling come alive by incorporating a finger puppet created with your own fingers

What You Need:

  • Washable nontoxic paint (assorted)

  • Paintbrush

What To Do:

  1. Use washable paint to create a character on your hand. Make a finger person by turning your hand upside down so that the pointer and middle finger are the legs. This may also be done on your child’s hand if he is willing.

  2. Start by painting shoes on the fingernails, then the pants, working your way up to paint a shirt and face on your finger person.

  3. Begin the storytelling fun by using the finger people as characters, such as “Once upon a time a boy named Kai was walking along. A girl named Taylor bumped into him. Kai fell down and started to cry. Taylor asked, ‘Are you okay?’ and helped him up. Kai felt much better and they became friends. They danced and played all day long.”