Games are a great way to build up your brain muscle!

What You Need:

  • Cube-shaped container (e.g., a facial tissue box or shipping box)

  • Paper (any type -- to cover the cube-shaped container)

  • Faces depicting different emotions (Drawings, photographs, or cutouts from magazines)

  • Tape or glue

What To Do:

  1. Cover the cube-shaped container with paper. Use tape or glue to secure the paper onto the cube.

  2. Glue a face depicting a different emotion to each side of the cube.

  3. Now you’re ready to play the “feeling dice” game with your child! Start by having your child roll the dice.

  4. When the dice lands, ask your child to identify the feeling (or label it for her).

  5. Ask her to describe a time when she felt that way. She may need help from you to recall a time.

  6. Now it’s your turn to roll the dice, identify the feeling, and tell her about a time you felt that way.

  7. This game is helpful for adults too: games are a great way to build up your brain muscle!