Feeding Time is Bonding Time PDF FACEBOOK SHARE ICON.

When your baby is nursing, here's some ways to bond with him.

What You Need:

• A soft sock
• A baby bottle

What To Do:

1. Hold your baby close to your while you feed him.
2. When you are feeding, let him hold onto your finger or grasp your clothing or a soft blanket. Gently stroke his head, hand, or arm during feeding and softly talk or sing to him.
3. When your baby gets older, if you give him water or juice in a bottle, place a soft, fuzzy sock over the bottle. The sock should fit snuggly over the bottle but not cover the cap or nipple. Other family members can help feed him this way.
4. As your baby’s hands reach around the bottle, talk to him in a sing-song voice called Parentese to help promote language and bonding