Make a special card for special occasions, such as Father's Day.

What You Need:

• Paper
• Jumbo crayons, washable markers, pen, or pencil

What To Do:

1. Use a pen or pencil to trace your child’s hand with his fingers spread apart like a fan on a sheet of paper.
2. Have him color his handprint or decorate the rest of the paper with crayons or markers.
3. Write the poem below on the backside of the paper:

Here are my handprints
So tiny and small.
The ones that clasp your hands, Daddy,
The ones on the wall.
Right now they’re good for touching
And crawling on the floor.
Hold them tightly in your hand, Daddy.
They fit so perfectly in yours.

4. Have your child give the picture to Daddy.
5. Help your child sing a song to the tune of “Bingo.”

I have a very special friend,
And Daddy is his name-o.
D-A-D-D-Y, D-A-D-D-Y, D-A-D-D-Y, (Spell out letters.)
And Daddy is his name-o.

Trace your child’s hand on colored paper. Cut out the handprint and paste it onto paper of a different color. Have your child decorate the rest of the card.