Establishing a Bedtime Story Ritual PDF FACEBOOK SHARE ICON.

Include a story in your baby's bedtime routine from the day she is born.

What You Need:

  • Any children’s book, especially books with simple colorful pictures

What To Do:

  1. Look for tired cues such as grimacing, clenching fists, or crying. After seeing the first tired signs (day or night), plan to settle baby by going through your established bedtime routine.

  2. Include a story in your baby’s bedtime routine from the day she is born. Reading stories with verses that have a gentle cadence helps babies filter out the stimulating world around them and relax.

  3. Choose a quiet, comfortable spot to cuddle up and read to your baby, using a gentle, quiet tone.

  4. Let her touch the book and point to the pictures.  Acknowledge her, “Yes, the cow is jumping over the moon.” However, save the more active interactions for your daytime readings.