Your child will love to fill items into a box and then dump or pour them out. Play this fun game with her.

What You Need:

• A plastic bowl or box that is small enough for your child to pick up.
• Safe items like plastic film containers or thread spools that she can grasp

What To Do:

1. Show your child how to fill the bowl or box with the safe items.
2. Then, show her how to turn the bowl or box over to dump out the items.
3. Encourage her to copy you. Give her positive encouragement as she does so.
4. Count the items as she puts them in. If you speak more than one language, count in different languages. For example, “uno, dos, tres” (Spanish).
5. Talk about what she is doing and what happens when she turns the bowl or box over.

Safety Alert: Items that are small enough to fit through a toilet paper tube can cause choking if swallowed. Check the size of items for safety before you let your child play with them.