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Toddlers are more active in exploring the world around them because of their increased mobility. Together with your child enjoy doodling with one another.

What You Need:

  • Jumbo crayons

  • Paper

What To Do:

  1. Line a table with newspaper.  Allow him to pick up the crayons and scribble freely on the paper. Observe what he is doing and then talk to him about the different lines and shapes that he is making, and the colors he is using.

  2. Take a crayon and begin scribbling and drawing with him. Copy his scribbles, marks and colors. Then create your own simple drawings. Talk to him about what lines and shapes you are creating. You could also tell a story as you are scribbling and drawing.

  3. Have him try to copy you by drawing what you are drawing. Praise him for his efforts. Allow him to freely hold the crayons in a natural position that feels right to him.