Discovering the Usefulness of Containers PDF FACEBOOK SHARE ICON.

Activity of how you can use containers that are familiar to your toddler to support his learning

What You Need:

  • Small toys (e.g., blocks, cars, etc.) that will need to be put away on a shelf or in a bin

  • Basket or container for the toys (one that your child can carry)

What To Do:

  1. When it’s time to clean up say, “We’ll need to get all of these toys back to the shelf over there.”

  2. Make a pile of the toys that need to be put away and hand them to your child, purposely giving him more than he can carry.

  3. After he makes a couple trips of dropping some toys along the way, ask him, “Would it help if I gave you this basket to put the toys in to carry?”

  4. Help him put his toys in the basket and comment as he transports them to the bin, “Putting your toys in the basket really helped to make it easier to carry the toys.”