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Teach your little one counting and sorting by using household items, such as buttons and egg cartons.

What You Need:

• Assorted buttons
• Egg carton, muffin pan, or twelve small paper cups

! Safety Alert: Remind your child not to put small objects in his mouth. They can get stuck in his throat and cause choking (and even death). When you are done using small objects, put them away where your child cannot reach them. Childproofing your home creates a safe place for your child to explore and learn.

What To Do:

1. Pick a number from 1 to 10 and have your child count out that many buttons from the collection of assorted buttons you have assembled.
2. Count with him or let him count by himself as he takes out the buttons.
3. Give your child another number with which he is familiar and encourage him to practice counting again.
4. Ask him questions such as “If you add one button, how many will you have?” or “When you take away one button, how many do you have left?” Count the buttons together.
5. Now select 12 pairs of buttons to play a matching game. Talk about how each button in a pair is the same. Place one button from each pair into separate egg carton, muffin, or paper cups. Put the remaining buttons in a separate pile. Have your child pick a button from the pile and place it into the cup that contains the matching button. Encourage him to continue until he has matched all of the buttons.