Play bowling with your child using household items.

What You Need:

• Two unbreakable plastic cups or six small empty plastic water or juice bottles
• Small ball (tennis ball size)
• Paper
• Pencil

What To Do:

Hawaiian-Style Bowling-‘Ulu maika:
1. Position the two cups on the floor about 12 to 16 inches apart. For younger children, set the cups wider apart. For older children, make the game more challenging by making the space between the cups smaller.
2. Have your child stand a few steps back from the cups and show her how to roll the ball between the cups.
3. Explain to her that her goal is to roll the ball between the cups and that each time she does this, she scores one point.
4. Have her practice rolling the ball between the cups. Encourage her to keep trying if she doesn’t make it each time. Start her off close to the cups. As she gets better, have her stand a little farther back.
5. Keep score with your fingers: “You did it three times (show three fingers). Very good!”
6. Involve other family members. Take turns bowling and use a sheet of paper to make a scoreboard. Have your child add tally marks. Add up the scores at the end of the game.

Example: Mommy Leilani

11111 1111111
5 7

Traditional Bowling:
1. Set up six bottles in the form of a triangle, with one bottle in the first row, two bottles behind it to form a second row, and three bottles behind them to form a third row.
2. Have your child stand a few steps back from the bottles. Show her how to roll the ball to knock down the bottles.
3. Explain that each person has two tries to knock down all of the bottles. If she hits them all down with the first ball, she has a strike. If she hits them all down within two tries, she has a spare. Keep count of how many strikes and spares each person makes.
4. As she gets more skillful at bowling, add a fourth row of four bottles. You could also put about an inch of water in each bottle to make them heavier.