Create your own bean bags using household items.

What You Need:

• Small re-sealable plastic bags
• Masking tape
• Dry beans, uncooked rice, or koa seeds

What To Do:

1. Put about half cup of dry beans, rice, or koa seeds in a plastic bag. Seal it and secure closure with tape. Put this bag into another plastic bag. Seal the second bag and the tape the closure to keep the bag from opening.
2. Apply two strips of tape in the shape of an “x” to each side of the bag for added strength.
3. Ask your child to balance the beanbag on different body parts: his head, nose, shoulder, elbow, hand, or foot.
4. Ask him to walk around the room while balancing the beanbag.
5. Count each step he takes. See if he can take more steps each time he does this. Give him lots of encouragement as he gets better at balancing the beanbag.
6. Sing a song together as he moves around:

There’s a beanbag on my head, on my head.
I’m walking very slow ’cause it’s very hard to go
With a beanbag on my head, on my head.

7. When your child is able to balance the beanbag on different body parts, have him try different actions while balancing the beanbag. For example, jumping while balancing the beanbag on his head. Explain that this may be difficult, but with practice, it can be done.

1. Play catch, beanbag toss, or have a beanbag-balancing race together.
2. Shake, toss, or pass the beanbags back and forth to each other while singing a song or listening to music with varying rhythm. Encourage your child to pass the beanbag slower or faster, according to the beat of the music. Talk about “faster” and “slower.”
! Safety Alert: Remind your child not to put small objects in his mouth. They can get stuck in his throat and cause choking (and even death). When you are done using small objects, put them away, where your child cannot reach them. Childproofing your home creates a safe place for your child to explore and learn.