Make bag books for your baby to talk about what he sees and feels in each bag.

What You Need:

• Resealable sandwich-size plastic storage bag
• Flat objects that fit in the resealable bags, e.g., pictures, ribbon, a dollar bill, and dried leaves
• Cloth tape or strapping tape

What To Do:

1. Place each of your flat objects in a separate plastic bag.
2. Seal bags.
3. Stack filled bags with the resealable side facing the same direction.
4. On the resealable side, tape bags together with strapping or cloth tape in order to hold book together.
5. Sit with your child and talk about what he sees and feels in each bag: “This is a leaf from a mango tree,” or “Look at this picture of Goong Goong (Grandpa)!”

Safety Alert: Do no let your baby play with a small object or put it in his mouth. Items that are small enough to fit through a toilet paper tube can cause choking if swallowed. Check the size of items for safety before you let your child play with them. Keep plastic bags that are big enough to cover his face or head away from him. They can cause suffocation. Put all dangerous things out of your child’s reach. Having a home that is childproof creates a safe place for your baby to explore and learn.