Allow your child to become familiar with what happens at a doctor's office by introducing this activity that allows him to be the doctor in his own clinic.

What You Need:

Pencils and paper
Tape measure or ruler
Dolls, teddy bears, and stuffed animals
Toy doctor’s kit (optional)

What To Do:

1. Have your child weigh each baby (doll, bear, or stuffed animal) and measure its’ height. To see how tall it is, have him place a ruler or tape measure on the floor next to a wall and lay the baby next to it with the top of its head against the wall. Put a card under the baby’s feet and see where it comes to on the ruler or tape measure.
2. Together with your child, record the findings on a piece of paper.
3. If he has a doctor’s kit, he could also listen to their chests, look at their tongues, and give them injections.
4. Compare the results and arrange the babies in order of weight and height.