While doing this recipe, sing a song while completing each task.

What You Need:

  • Whole-grain bread, 2 pieces

  • 1-2 avocados

  • Optional toppings: sprouts, grated carrots, tomatoes, etc.

What To Do:

  1. While doing this recipe with your keiki, sing “This is the Way...,” sung to the tune of: “Here we Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush” while completing each task, e.g., washing, mashing, and spreading the avocado.

  2. Discuss the color and texture of avocado (prior to cutting). Together, wash the avocados and sing: “This is the way we wash avocados, wash avocados, wash avocados; This is the way we wash avocados for our snack!”

  3. Slice the avocados in half lengthwise, and remove the pits.

  4. Help him scoop out the fruit into a bowl and mash the avocados with a fork.

  5. Toast the bread and cut it in half.

  6. Have him spread two spoonfuls of avocado onto his toast. Sprinkle with optional seasonings and toppings.

  7. Enjoy and sing together – “This is the way we eat our snack, eat our snack…. Yummy avocado toast!”