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Make a scavenger hunt anywhere for a fun time!

What You Need:

• Paper and pencil (or crayons)

What To Do:

1. First, develop a list of items for your child to find, and incorporate critical thinking by crafting the list having them find items that fit a specific description. For example, find something that…
• Can fit inside this cereal box
• Bounces (or doesn’t bounce)
• Is heavier (or lighter) than this can of soup
• Is longer (or shorter) than the crayon
2. If the item does not fit the description, read the instructions again and assist your child. Talk aloud so he can hear your thought process. For example, say, “We are looking for something that fits inside this cereal box. Hmm…does this pillow fit inside the cereal box? No, it’s too big. Let’s try this pencil. Yes! The pencil fits inside the cereal box!”
3. Keep playing for as long as your child is interested. You can even have him come up with instructions of items for you to find!