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Make learning fun even during snack time. Encourage your child to count and name the different animal crackers.

What You Need:

• Animal crackers

What To Do:

1. Place several animal crackers on a table or plate.
2. Encourage your child to count and name the different animals she sees.
3. Talk about ways in which the animals are similar and different.
4. Have her group the animals in different ways such as by the sounds they make (loud or quiet), the coverings they have on their bodies (fur or feathers), or the number of legs they have. Let her group them in her own way and ask her to explain her reasons.
5. Count the number of animal crackers in each group.
6. Ask her how many animals are left in a group after she eats one. Count backwards with her as she eats her crackers.

Have her describe how she thinks each type of animal behaves. Encourage her to pretend she is one of the animals and act out these behaviors. Ask her questions such as “How does this animal move from one place to another? Does it use its legs to walk? Which animals use their wings to fly?”